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Events in Taormina, Sicily

In Taormina the calendar of events is pretty full. Nearly all year round, the town offers a wide range of events that are rich in traditional culture.

Peak season is summer of course and thanks to the wonderful climate there are plenty of open air events here in Taormina and it's surrounding area, here are some of the more celebrated events.

Events in and around Taormina

Sant'Agata's Festival - February
Join the Sicilian culture and celebrate it's patron saint with one of the largest religious festivals in Sicily.

Carnival - February
Throughout the cities, towns and villages of Sicily discover the magic of the Carnival. It is a great time to visit these towns if you have children or you simply like mingling with the locals taking part in traditional celebrations. Walk though the Sicilian streets and follow the colour filled floats with paper mache designs of celebrities, animals, politicians, and fantasy creatures. Carnival comes 40 days before Easter so the date changes each year.

San Valentino - February
There's nowhere more romantic than Taormina to bring your loved one for Valentines Day. Walk through the beautiful gardens, shop on the Corso Umberto and dine in one of the many chic traditional restaurants

Easter is the perfect time to visit Taormina, the weather is warm, the flowers of spring are blossoming and with Easter being the most important holiday celebrated in Sicily the atmosphere is just magical.

Taormina arte - June/July/August
It is one of the most famous events in Sicily. A Festival dedicated to music, from symphonies to rock, dance and theatre during which famous artists from all over the world come to perform in the wonderful, beautiful setting of the Ancient Theatre. One section of the Festival over the years has become so popular that it has become an event in itself: the Taormina Film Festival.

Taormina Film Festival - June
The Taormina Filmfest has become a major event of Taormina eagerly awaited every year. For one week a large number of events exclusively around cinema are organised. There are e.g. workshops on film in the Palazzo dei Congressi and in the evenings film premieres take place in the Greek Theatre of Taormina. Premieres of internationally remarked films and the presence of the respective stars of international cinema make the Taormina Film Festival an extravagant highlight.

The Greek Theatre - July/August/September
Taormina's 10,000 seat amphitheatre located in the heart of Taormina is a must see! With it's spectacular view of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea it truly is amazing. The ancient building dates back to the third century BC and is chosen as the location of many exhibitions, presentations and concerts. The host of annual events like the Taormina Filmfest and Taormina Arte attracts world famous celebrities known from film, gala and the music business to come to the antique Greek theatre of Taormina. http://www.taormina-arte.com/portal

San Pancrazio- August
Join the small town Giardini Naxos in the celebrations on August 9th, the historical recalling of the landing of their saint S. Pancrazio in the bay of Naxos. The night comes alive with a performance about the origins of the town, dedicated to the patron Saint and protector of the fisherman and the sea.

The Taormina Rally- August
Sportsmen and supports of Rally come from all over the world to take part in or to view this annual event.

Madonna della Rocca - September
The statue of the Madonna della Rocca is housed in a sanctuary between Taormina and Castelmola. In the second weekend of September, a religious procession carries the statue from the sanctuary to the town where a large banquet is organized, to eat "carne infornata": lamb cooked with spices and herbs in a wood-fire oven.

Organic Olive Oil Making November/December
Holiday here in November or December and join us in this annual tradition of picking olives from our very own olive groves and then watch the natural process of producing Organic Olive Oil. Take the oil home and enjoy the best Olive Oil around, we'll even send you more when you run out!

Christmas in Taormina
The religious Sicilians celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ in a very traditional way. Taormina at Christmas is nothing other than enchanting, almost every household has it's own nativity scene and most towns create their own exhibitions in the many churches. Visit Taormina for Christmas and discover the Christmas customs of the very hospitable Sicilians, sample the culinary delights and soak up the magical festive ambience.

New Years Eve
To celebrate the New Year in Taormina is a magical experience, the view of fireworks exploding all across the cities is nothing other than spectacular. Added with the view of Mount Etna with it's lava oozing down the side is something you will not find anywhere else in the world.

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